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Drizzy's GM Application

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Drizzy's GM Application

Post  Drizzy on Wed Jul 22, 2009 2:11 pm

Name:Chris Holcomb


United States??


GMT -6

What are the qualities that qualify you to fill the vacancy?

I'm confused about the word.

How would you interact and help players?

The players that I help I am always nice to, give them some money to start off, buy some NX for them if they need. I help the players lvl up to at least lvl 120 at FM10 or Zakum, whichever they prefer and tell them to add me as a friend if they need help in the future.

How would you deal with hackers?

I don't really deal with hackers much, if I see them hacking on the spot, they are going down. They don't need a warning or a second chance. The hackers know what they are doing is wrong and I won't cope with it. I will jail them and leave them there until the ban is set down.

What is your experience with GameMaster Status?

I have been a GM in 2 other servers and know what i'm doing.

My Last Words:

I'm on the server quite a good bit and I know I could improve the server and I feel it's my duty, i'm not big on training anymore on my account, I just want to get to know people and be friendly.

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