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MissSuki's GM Application

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MissSuki's GM Application

Post  MissSuki on Mon Jul 20, 2009 4:00 am

IGN (In-Game Name):MissSuki

Name:Suki Yaburoshi


Vacancy? o_o;;


GMT -7

What are the qualities that qualify you to fill the vacancy?

What vacancy o_o;;

How would you interact and help players?

I would treat them nicely, and not do anything bad to them however, if they ask for something I and now allowed to give ( due to rules ), I will say," Sorry, I can't help with that. "

How would you deal with hackers?

I will tolerate them with 1 warning. Then I will use the !say command to tell everyone that if they see the hacker still hacking to tell me. If they do, I will jail them and go ask for permission to ban. I will continue to leave him there if I don't permission to ban, and he must apoligize and stop hacking. After that, I won't give a warning and just jail then ask for permission.

What is your experience with GameMaster Status?

I have been a GM in about 5 servers. They were al DCMA'd though....

My Last Words

On this new forum, it doesn't say that GM applications are off, so I tried. If it gets Denied, Sorry for wasting your time.

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