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MinJoo's Application

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MinJoo's Application

Post  bmj958 on Sat Jul 25, 2009 7:57 am

IGN (In-Game Name):MinJoo


Vacancy:I don't know what you want to know about vacancy of me...sorry...

Location/Timezone:NJ/I don't really knw but I'll be always on.

"What are the qualities that qualify you to fill the vacancy?"
I would like to help the players to hae fun during this game and also make this server a #1 maplestory private server in the history!^^

"How would you interact and help players?"
If the players have any comments or need a assistance I'll be glad to help them.Also I'll be alway on so we could have fun from events ^^.

"How would you deal with hackers?"
I would just banned them from the game....

"What is your experience with GameMaster Status?"
I have been game master for once and i helped the server a lot by having fun with the players^^.But the server is ofline for now. Crying or Very sad


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