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Stinky's GM Application

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Stinky's GM Application

Post  CPLHeretic on Sun Jul 26, 2009 3:54 am

IGN : Stinky [ CPLHeretic ]

Name: Aedan Lizardi

Vacancy: [ GM ]

Location/Timezone: New York, Eastern Time Zone

What are the qualities that qualify you to fill the vacancy? Well to start off, I've been playing Maple Story for quite some time now and I figured I have alot of knowledge when it comes to Maple. And by using that knowledge I can assist anyone with questions and help them as best as I can. I'm also a cool guy once you've gotten to know me a little bit better and learn what personality I have.

How would you interact and help players? I don't socialize as much but when it comes to helping people with their in-game problems such as " where and how to complete a quest of some sort " I tell them the faster way to completing or I'll help.

How would you deal with hackers? Most people ask if they were hacking and if the " Hacker " replies with a no, I might let it slide but I'll keep an eye out on that person who was ruining the game. Then I'd go around asking other players if they have seen the player who was accused of hacking and I would ban them from playing the game ever again.

What is your experience with GameMaster Status? I don't have that much experience being a GM but I'm a fast learner so training would most likely be needed.

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