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Touched's gm app

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Touched's gm app

Post  andypats1 on Tue Aug 11, 2009 2:08 am

IGN: Touched

Name: Andy

Vacancy: When ever you count on me


What are the qualities that qualify you to fill the vacancy: well i can play like 4 or 5 hours on week days 1 or 2 hours on Weekends it

How would you interact and help players: i tell them the right answers and if im wrong i Have the internet

How would you deal with hackers:hackers and abusers I will show no respect and according I will warn, jail, temp ban or perm ban. If the hacker continues to hack after warned, jailed, or temp ban I will immediately temp ban them.

What is your experience with GameMaster Status:Yes, I have been a GM in several v55 and v62 private servers including a v62 private server I have created myself, unfortunately these servers were not great and most of them have closed.

will be very happy to be made a GM please consider me for a GM =D

PS: if there are Abusers too cause i wrote it cause i thought there might be abusers


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