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Phantoms GM APP

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Phantoms GM APP

Post  IGXPhantomX on Sun Jul 26, 2009 8:11 pm

IGN (In-Game Name):IGXPhantomX
Name:Trey, or Ricky
Vacancy:Whenever you need me i own my own laptop
Location/Timezone:-8 Pacific
What are the qualities that qualify you to fill the vacancy? I can be up when ever needed to be for the timezone i can also go 3 days straight and rest 4 hours and go another day if needed,

How would you interact and help players? I like to help people as much as i can honestly im bored of being a player in a server so even if i get rejected ill still try to help out the people when there is no GMs on if someone needs help ill be there if more than one ill ask the first one to ask wait a sec then ask the other incase they both need the same thing i dont like to have people on hold Ill deal with them before RL things like getting something to drink

How would you deal with hackers?If i catch a hacker AFK ill ban but if they are there ill write there name down and tell the other GMs,I give people second chances i dont like to be unfair.

What is your experience with GameMaster Status? I have been a GM on a old server for 8 months it got shut down with a new owner brought it up ive also been a level 4 on 2 other servers and Co-owner of RikkuMS (Owner left for GMS).I know how to deal with people and when people argue with me or try to start stuff i dont bann or jail ill talk to them,some GMS just jail people who are arguing and they where just joking,I dont like people who bash on noobs and i dont like GMs ignoring people

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Re: Phantoms GM APP

Post  [LEADER]Etern on Sun Aug 02, 2009 12:57 am

This is good, indeed. Uhh. But your posting at the wrong site, this isnt the Trashstory forums. So we cant accept you.


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